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Our company, PT. Conbloc Infratecno, was founded in 1974. Starting from humble beginnings as a Concrete Block Paving plant, the company has grown into a major contractor in the field of road infrastructure, container depots and industrial land preparation. The company became a leader among its competitors through continuous innovation activities, and utilization of technology, equipment and new materials in the field of road construction.

Our motto is "Quality and Safety is Utmost consideration". By juxtaposing a policy of strict quality and safety, we strive to achieve excellence in the field of high-quality pavement construction that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Through these methods, the Conbloc Group are two steps ahead of their competitors and has also achieved ISO certification in three aspects: quality, health & safety and the environment.

  • exactness
  • thoroughness
  • high technology
  • Safety

Board of Director's

Top Level Management
Alpino Iskandar
President Director
Educated in Industrial Engineering at the University of New South Wales – Sydney, Australia. One of the founders of PT. Conbloc Indonesia in 1974, which is now PT. Conbloc Infratecno.
Singgih Sunjaya
Deputy Chief of Operation’s
Level 1 education was pursued at Maranatha Christian University in the Department of Civil Engineering and Level 2 was completed at the Bandung Institute of Technology’s Department of Highway System. Career in construction began with PT . Pamintori Cipta in 1986 – 1990 as an Engineer. Joined PT. Conbloc Infratecno in 1990 until present.
Nanang Prabowo
Director of Marketing
Level 1 education was at the Surabaya Institute of Technology Department of Civil Engineering and Level 2 was taken at North Sumatra University Department of Technology Management. Career as a Regional Manager of Region I of Sumatra from 1990 until 2002 in PT.Jaya Konstruksi MP (Jakon) Jakarta. Career at PT.Conbloc Infratecno began in 2004 until now.
Yusuf Fuad
Director of HRD & GA
Level 1 education was completed at the Bandung Institute of Technology Department of Civil Engineering and Level 2 was taken at Bandung Institute of Technology Department of Transportation and Highways. Joined PT. Conbloc Infratecno on January 4, 1994 until now.

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